The Reporting 3.0 Operations Team and Steering Board are excited to invite you to the 4th International Conference of the Reporting 3.0 Platform! After three exciting conferences held in Berlin, we are pleased to announce the 4th edition in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. KPMG has kindly offered to hold the event at their iconic headquarters, offering top-notch conferencing space and technical capabilities.

With recent events steering the world toward a more brown, exclusionary & closed economy, the need for international alignment and a roadmap for the future of reporting that spurs the emergence of a truly green, inclusive & open economy is now more timely and urgent than ever. While the majority of reporting movements have increased the focus on compliance towards regulatory and quasi-regulatory approaches (e.g. EU Directive, stock exchange and rating requirements), Reporting 3.0 builds on the foundation of existing initiatives to propose a more ambitious and transformative approach, “blueprinting” the necessary paths to actually achieve a green, open & inclusive economy.

This 4th International Conference will showcase the shift of Reporting 3.0’s focus – from early exploration of what needs to be done in the future reporting and disclosure space, to the implementation of actual recommendations of the Reporting 3.0 Blueprints. The focal content of the Conference will be the four Reporting 3.0 Blueprints, each in a varying stage of development.

  • The Reporting Blueprint and Data Blueprint are the most mature, as both reports are slated for final release at the Conference.
  • The Accounting Blueprint will be releasing its first Exposure Draft; and
  • The New Business Models Blueprint will be launching at the Conference

The Conference will spotlight pioneering research, case studies, alpha pilots, exposure drafts, and early partnerships from the Blueprints.

For more information on the agenda and speakers please visit the 2017 conference website:

2017 Conference Website


For tickets see the Eventbrite Website or register directly here:

For information on sponsorship opportunities please look at the Sponsorship Brochure below and get in contact directly with Bill and/or Ralph.

2017 Conference Sponsorship Brochure 

The Conference will finish with forward-looking discussion addressing further dissemination, alliance-building, implementation and feedback mechanisms that will gear towards a second generation of Blueprint Reports in the future. The final publication of Blueprint Report will trigger the start of Phase 2 of the Blueprints, focused on implementation of the recommendations.


We look forward to see you this Spring in Amsterdam!


Past Reporting 3.0 Conferences

The Reporting 3.0 Platform has convened Annual Conferences since its founding in 2013. These conferences serve to gather our community of positive mavericks committed to advancing reporting as a vehicle for spurring a regenerative and inclusive economy.

For more information on past conferences, please click the below links and watch the summary videos.

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