Member of the Reporting 3.0 Academic Alliance

The sustainable development challenges at the levels of environment, society and economy we face is a call to action for the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Therefore the HAN UAS develops an integrated framework for sustainable finance in which financial return and risk, impact on society and impact on environment is managed. The development of new business models in order to become future proof is a substantial part of the research program. 
‘Dr. Koos Wagensveld RA, Professor Financial Control is member of the ‘Regiegroep’ Circular Economy at the HAN and Academic Director of the Master Circular Economy. On a national level, he participates in the network of Circular Economy Professors. The Reporting 3.0 Academic Alliance and the projects of Reporting 3.0 is a great possibility to frame the the Circular Economy in the ’necessary sustainability context on macro, meso and micro level.
Dr. Koos Wagensveld RA, Professor Financial Control HAN (Hoogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen)

Academic Alliance Partner contact: Dr. Koos Wagensveld RA

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