Member of the Reporting 3.0 Advocation Partner Program

iComply Sustainability

iCompli Sustainability is a division of BPA Worldwide, the world’s largest media audit company, founded in 1931. Clients use iCompli for diagnostic and assessment services, data verification and report assurance, and third-party certification to industry sustainability standards.
“Companies are investing a tremendous amount of resources and effort into sustainability disclosure without realizing commensurate value.  Reporting 3.0 has the potential to transform reporting from what’s become a formulaic compliance exercise into something that truly generates value.  Advocation Partners are on the leading edge of that change.”  
iCompli became one of the first SASB Advisory Partners when the program was launched in 2016.  We’ve conducted a number of joint presentations with SASB at industry conferences to promote the SASB Standards, most notably at the Sustainable Brands Conference.  Our main work with clients involves helping them integrate SASB disclosures into their existing sustainability reporting.  This involves assessing current disclosures compared to SASB requirements for their industry, conducting a materiality assessment using the SASB Five Factor Test, and developing narratives for the SASB Discussion and Analysis requirements, as well as the explanation and clarification of quantitative metrics.  Leading SASB clients include JetBlue, Mosaic and S&P Global.


Karl Pfalzgraf, Vice President Sustainability Services





Joe Rizzo, Director Sustainability Services




Advocation Partner contacts:  Karl Pfalzgraf and  Joe Rizzo

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