integralMENTORS works with individuals or small groups to gain a deeper integral understanding of praxis in the field of international development. These practitioners tend to have extensive field experience in international development in the design and implementation of programmes – they also have a grounding in Integral Theory.

“Because of the nature of an Integral approach, we don’t as a starting point concentrate on any one issue or action — so no concentration on leadership or best practices or interiors or evolution or sustainability etc. — but an approach to contextual understanding of a number of different perspectives. This will in time probably include many of those listed above. Unless the process is generative, morphogenetic — and probably snippable — it tends just to repeat or overlay both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ processes from other contexts. Interpretation of these issues will be different depending on the worldview from which it is seen.”


Paul van Schaik, Integral Alchemist


Regional scope: global


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