Member of the Reporting 3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Junxion is an international social impact consultancy that works to catalyze progress on social and environmental sustainability. We’ve spent more than 20 years supporting non-profit executives, philanthropists, mission-minded founders, and pioneers of corporate social responsibility. Today, from our offices in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, and London, UK, we provide a diversity of services ranging from strategy and planning, to branding and communications, and impact measurement and reporting.

“Junxion exists to accelerate the shift to the next economy – one that is fair, inclusive and green. And as reporting consultants, we have long held that transparency is a vital part of that shift. By implementing the Reporting 3.0 framework together with our peers and clients we can play our part in delivering best-in-class reporting that moves us all closer to making that next economy a reality.”

Adam Garfunkel, Managing Director



Advocation Partner contact: Adam Garfunkel


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