Member of the Reporting 3.0 Advocation Partner Program

Open Way Solutions assess wisdom skills in individuals and groups — using advanced technology — to support the development of deep insight, broad perspectives, full compassion, and bold action.
“I am excited to see how a “wisdom skills” framework, as articulated by researchers including Cook-Greuter, O’Fallon, and Kegan, applies to the Reporting 3.0 mission and to cultural and organizational transformation, and in particular I want to help this effort through low-cost automated assessment tools that work at scale. Developmental factors may impact how r3.0 concepts and practices are understood and integrated (including education, advocation, and acceleration goals) in various contexts and stakeholder groups, and this leads to important data-driven research questions that we can pursue. “

Tom MurrayFounder, Chief Visionary and Instigator 



Advocation Partner contact: Tom Murray


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