Member of the Reporting 3.0 Advocation Partner Program


VDMbee is the easiest digital innovation platform, helping business and IT teams to rapidly turn ideas into real-time strategy. With the VDMbee Value Management Platform, value management dashboards can be built for decision making about future direction.

“As pioneers with a structured and quantitative approach for business model innovation, we connected with Reporting 3.0 via our contacts with thought leaders on Integrated Reporting in the US. The Reporting 3.0 vision to not only report on / account for a balanced set of capitals (“values”), but also to steer business toward innovation that positively transforms its ecosystems, speaks a lot to us! Therefore we decided to join the r3.0 community both as active team members of the New Business Models Blueprint Working Group, and as a committed Advocation Partner. We believe that this community is very timely and relevant to the world.”

Henk de Man, Co-Founder & Value Architect


Advocation Partner contact:

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