Member of the Reporting 3.0 Advocation Partner Program


WeActivateTheFuture recognises that to activate the regenerative future we want requires two critical areas of change in business: culture and design of organisations.  We exist to support organisations shift both culture and shape through interventions which activate the 10 key qualities of future-fit organisations: creative thinking, systems thinking, empathetic communications, planetary purpose, imagination, self-sufficiency, self-management, radical experimentation through the opportunity mindset, radical transparency, and meaningful work.

“The greatest adventure of our age in business is to design organisations which fulfil the needs of human beings within the boundaries of planetary stability.  Bringing three maps together, the UN SDGs, the environmental planetary boundaries and the needs of people to be conscious purposeful, better humans living meaningful lives, must be woven together in all future enterprise. Reporting 3.0 gives us the economic map which completes the navigation towards a brighter future for interconnected life on the blue planet.”

Jenny Andersson, founder, WeActivateTheFuture



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