Member of the Reporting 3.0 Advocation Partner Program

The Zero Waste Consultants help Small and Medium Enterprises apply (eco)Logical Thinking to leverage (eco)Nomical Doing.
Our system approach let clients define their short and long term opportunities based on (eco)logical innovative cash flows.
The outcomes are lower unit costs throughout the clients’ Value Chain, better for business and excellent for our Spaceship Earth.

“Business is increasingly seeking integrated reporting which is able to combine Ecology, Society and Economy going beyond CSR. It is thanks to the work of Reporting 3.0 that this also needs redefining traditional Business Accounting. The ‘new impetus’ for reporting that Reporting 3.0 offers emerges as an integrated reporting tool that has the potential to become the new business standard.  We are a proud supporter of Reporting 3.0 and its growing network community.”


Alexander Prinsen, Managing Partner, The Consultant

Advocation Partner contact: Alexander Prinsen

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