Blueprint 5: The Transformation Journey

The Transformation Journey – A Step-By-Step Approach to Organizational Thriveability and System Value Creation 

Welcome to the collective journey to transform the greatest challenges in human history into opportunities for humanity to survive and thrive! With the clock ticking, our economic system design needs to change drastically to enable a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy to come to life through the sustainable regeneration and just distribution of vital resources.

Reporting 3.0 started in 2013 to tackle the challenges that were going unmet. Our aspiration is to create “irresistible” solutions through a pre-competitive and market-making approach that helps to overcome plateauing ambitions and allow for a synchronized and synergized way to collectively “get the job done.”

How can you make best use of this fifth Blueprint? Invoking Interface Founder Ray Anderson’s metaphor of “Mount Sustainability,” we invite you to embark on a mountain climb. 

  • You start at the basecamp and make sure you are mentally well prepared; 
  • You carefully plan your route, you socialize with the team, and make sure all gear is available and stress-tested for the forthcoming climb; 
  • You take the climb one step at a time, with a clear goal in sight, but also resilient to change routes in response to dynamically changing circumstances; 
  • The closer you come to the mountain top, the more you will collaborate with other teams to collectively reach that mountain top. 

All chapters in this Blueprint have consistent subchapters covering: 

  • What’s the issue? 
  • Why is it important? 
  • How can I tackle it? 
  • What will have I learned afterwards? 

Based on the Transformation Journey Reporting 3.0 has developed a modularized offer to everyone interested, wherever you stand in your own development towards aligning to a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy, and whatever level you represent in the nano-micro-meso-macro clustering.

Together, we can succeed, and then help many more to take the journey too!





Video forthcoming

Transformation Journey Program

Transformation Journey Program

Reporting 3.0 has developed a modularized offer to everyone interested, wherever you stand in your own development towards aligning to a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy, and whatever level you represent in the nano-micro-meso-macro clustering. The following matrix shows a first broad overview: 

The advantage of this clustering is that you can start your journey individually on the EDUCATE level or collectively on the IMPLEMENT, ACCELERATE and ADVOCATE levels. 

For these modules and clusters we are offering three main methods of delivery: 

  • Webcasts: These are meant to give an overview of what the modules cover and show useful first empowerment tools to start immersing into the specific theme of the module. These can be accessed from everywhere in the world, but it may mean to listen to them early or late in the day, depending on where you call in from. These webcasts are a low budgetary burden as the fee is just between 50 Euros and 100 Euros. We may also offer them on demand at a later stage. 
  • Generic workshops: Reporting 3.0 will offer workshops for diverse groups of participants. They are organised to cover a full cluster of related themes and are normally 2-day workshops. We are aiming to offer these workshops starting in the second half of 2018 on different continents. The pricing for these workshops will range between 295 Euros and 595 Euros per person and module, depending on the amount of modules covered and the locally feasible pricing for similar workshops; access to these workshops under local circumstances is crucial for us in delivering our global public goods. The maximum amount of people for a workshop is limited in order to allow maximum benefit for all participants. A whole cluster workshop might be offered at special rates. 
  • Inhouse coaching, delivered by Reporting 3.0 Advocation Partners: Reporting 3.0 itself doesn’t do consulting due to its not-for-profit status. Our Advocation Partners will be able to deliver individual coaching, training or consulting. Based on a 1:1 contractual relationship you can negotiate with any of them. Please have a look at the Advocation Partner site202 on our website in case you are interested. Reporting 3.0 has a partnership agreement with these Advocation Partners and will benefit from those projects through a certain percentage of the revenue. 

These programs will start in fall 2018. You will find more information here soon. We will also give updates about the program in our monthly newsletter (if you are not subscribed please do here.).

Lead Authors

Ralph Thurm

Managing Director

OnCommons / Reporting 3.0

+31 64 600 14 52

Bill Baue

Senior Director

Reporting 3.0

+1 413 387 58 24

Cornis van der Lugt

Senior Research Fellow

Centre for Corporate Governance, Stellenbosch University Business School, South Africa

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