Transformation Journey Program

What is the Transformation Journey Program?

Welcome to the collective journey to transform the greatest challenges in human history into opportunities for humanity to survive and thrive! With the clock ticking, our economic system design needs to change drastically to enable a Green, Inclusive and Open Economy to come to life through the sustainable regeneration and just distribution of vital resources.

The sustainability ideation of the brilliant Brundtland Report from 1987 gave us the vision of intergenerational equity upon which to act. Three decades later, we’re falling fatally short of fulfilling what was envisaged, as evidenced by the Great Acceleration hockey stick graphs and our ever growing Ecological Footprints (consuming 1.7 planets worth of resources annually). We simply can’t continue like this. To repeat our motto at the outset: There is no sustainable business in an unsustainable world. But how can we “bend the curve” towards the ultimate ends – human wellbeing and living within the means of the only planet we have in a balanced way?

Reporting 3.0 started in 2013 to tackle the challenges that were going unmet. Our aspiration is to create “irresistible” solutions through a pre-competitive and market-making approach that helps to overcome plateauing ambitions and allow for a synchronized and synergized way to collectively “get the job done.”

The Transformation Journey Program is the result of 5 years of work, translating the outcomes of the 4 Reporting 3.0 Blueprints on Reporting, Accounting, Data, and New Business Models into a step-by-step process for all organisations of all sizes and constituencies on how to become thriveable and creating system value.

How can I best navigate this page?

This webpage gives information about the Transformation Journey Program and all the events that are offered by Reporting 3.0 and its partners.

The first part of this website describes the different stages of the Transformation Journey Program. Each stage is described and linked to a set of modules that are part of this stage. Some of the stages have additional sections with various modules. Each module addresses one specific transformation question and discusses the ‚pain points‘ (why is this a problem?) and the ‚gain points‘ (why is it important to solve this and what achievement will it mean?). This gives you a good overview of all the stages. The basis of this program is the Transformation Journey Blueprint of Reporting 3.0.

The second part of this website offers a calendar of 2-day workshops for the different stages. Most of these programs aim to focus on a specific profession, eg. Financial Professionals, Management Accountants, or have a sectoral focus. We advise you to always book a whole series of 4 workshops. They are offered in the eventbrite booking windows of the Basecamp workshops. Other stage workshops can still be booked later, but the whole package option is only available until the Basecamp workshop has started.

Also offered on this page is the registration for the Reporting 3.0Transformation Academy, that is offered by THRIVE Institute and Reporting 3.0. This specific set of five workshops is broader and more generic for a broad mix of constituencies and enables cross-sectoral and cross-constituency learning.

Lastly, Reporting 3.0 is presenting at conferences and workshops. If these are publicly visible we inform about those opportunities to get ‚sneak previews‘ of the Transformation Journey in the last part of this website.

How do I best find a Transformation Journey Program for me?

The Reporting 3.0 Transformation Academy is a the broadest program to choose from. It is offered once per year and can cater up to 30 participants. It is offered as an international program. If there is more interest Reporting 3.0 and its partners may run a second program. This program will also include virtual check-ins in between the workshops and should enable you to instigate a Transformation Journey in your own organisation.

Other programs are more sector- or profession-specific. This is visible in the program descriptions and may be offered in various parts of the world. You will always be offered all dates of the different workshops for your own planning. If for any reason you may not be able to come to one of the stage workshops, we can help you to find a feasible alternative program. If possible you can then return to your normal program or stay involved in the other program until the end.

Will I receive a certificate for participating in one of the programs?
Reporting 3.0 is giving out certificates of participation after each stage workshop. This is to qualify you to go to the next stage workshop. We will keep controls of these certificates. You are able to receive a certificate when you stayed on both days of the workshops and signed the participants list. Leaving early in some cases is potentially possible, but we strongly advise against that. In the end it’s all about transformational change ;-).



The Basecamp is where you begin your journey, meeting your fellow travellers to start developing team dynamics. As you start planning the route, you also prepare mentally for what’s to come. You once more consider why you want to go on this journey and how it will potentially change your life. You alreadylook forward to the fulfilling feeling when you successfully climbed that mountain. Members of your team will become friends for life.

Please find all modules of the ‘Basecamp’ here.

Planning the Route

At this stage of your journey, you are planning your route with the team of climbers you will embark on your walk with shortly. There might be various ways to reach the mountain top, but you need to knowall relevant contexts to choose for the best route. How’s the weather, are there any specific areas that warrant special attention, what sort of gear needs to be collected to be prepared for all possible situations that could occur?

Please find all modules of ‘Planning the Route’ here.

The Climb

You have started your walk with the group. It will take a while to reach the mountain top, if all goes well, and the team works together well. You have divided your climb into a few sections, to not overstretch. Each section has its own challenges and rewards. All members of the team need to function together:the first can proceed only as fast as the last.

Please find all modules of ‘The Climb’ here.

The Mountain Top

You have reached the Mountain Top – hooray! Hearkening back to Ray Anderson’s “Mount Sustainability” metaphor, you have achieved sustainable impacts and balance with the systems you operate in, all through collaboration with your own team of Positive Mavericks and those climbing in tandem. Now, you have the opportunity to spread the word more widely, and invite others to the challenge and scale up sustainability across all organizations, industries, portfolios, and habitats to add up to bigger transformations in our economic, social and ecological systems. This scaling also creates opportunity to continue progression from sustainability into regeneration and ultimately into thriving for all, and for generations to come. So, now that you’ve climbed the mountain, you have the opportunity to step deeper into leadership to help others scale the incline!

Please find all modules of ‘The Mountain Top’ here.

Transformation Journey Program Workshops

Reporting 3.0 Transformation Academy Fall 2019

The dates are:

Basecamp:                 03/04 October 2019
Planning the Route:   24/25 October 2019
The Climb:                  14/15 November 2019
The Mountain Top:     12/13 December 2019

Time : 09.00 am – 17.00 pm

Location: Rotterdam, t.b.d

Please register here

We recommend to register for the whole Transformation Journey Program (with 20% discount) through the Eventbrite registration window below, you can also choose to book single workshops (without discount). For registrations done from any European country except Germany insertion of a current VAT number is necessary to get the VAT waived.

Episode 1 of 7 describing the logic behind the Erasmus Transformation Academy curriculum.

Episode 2 explains the basic know-how for the program, deriving from the Reporting 3.0 Blueprints. 

Episode 3 of 7 introduces the 4 stages of the Erasmus Transformation Academy.

Episode 4 of 7 introduces the Basecamp stage of the Erasmus Transformation Academy.

Episode 5 of 7 introduces the Planning the Route stage of the Erasmus Transformation Academy.

Episode 6 of 7 introduces The Climb stage of the Erasmus Transformation Academy.

Episode 7 of 7 finishes this series with the introduction of the Mountain Top stage of the Erasmus Transformation Academy.

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